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Video Tutorials
All the videos are 1024x768, so you will need to have your monitor set to a resolution higher than that in order to view them properly. I have also made all the video tutorials available in zip format. Download the zip file extract it to your computer and then run the index.html file to view the video tutorial from your local computer. This option helps thoses with slower internet connections.

IMD312 - Introduction to Programming

Using OLS
Setting up Dreamweaver CS4 to FTP to OLS
Setting up Dreamweaver to FTP to OLS
This tutorial was done with Dreamweaver 8. I would recommend you watch the CS4 video even if you have Dreamweaver 8/CS3
All about Links
Helps with Week 5 Assignment 3, but I recommend you view it near the beginning of the class as well.
Week 2 Assignments 2 and 3
Week 2 Assignment 4
Week 3 Assignment 1
Week 4 Assignment 3
Login Page
Week 4 Assignment 4
Sending e-mail with PHP
Include Files - Week 5 Assignment 5
Source Code from video:
Changing File Permissions
MySQL setup through OLS
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IMD323 - Database Systems

Week 3 Assignment 2 - phpMyAdmin
Week 3 Assignment 2 - MySQL Administrator
Week 4 Assignment 3 - SQL
Week 4 Assignment 3 - Using Microsoft Access to create queries
Week 5 Assignment 1 - Using Dreamweaver to display data from MySQL
Week 5 Assignment 1 - Hand Code It!
Source Code from video:
How to create a Search web page
Source Code from video: (file is called search.php)


Source files from the video tutorial: